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Social networking in corporates- The future of employee wellness

If you talk about a big industry and the number employees it houses under its hood, you’d be surprised to know about their dirty little secret that keeps their employee population happy. Well, that is certainly not a rocket science but a simple and a clever use of internet technology. Emails and flat appreciation is the story of past. Today, if you don’t have your program on Facebook or haven’t tweeted about it- it’s nowhere doing wonders.
So, now is the time for you to expand your horizon and dive into an ocean of seamless connectivity, which is out beyond than being just an intranet. Time to get social networking application developed. Here’s how you do it!

The intranet talk!
Intranet technology is growing with every passing day and that’s is the only reason why Web 2.0 applications have taken up on full swing. The concept of social intranet in the workplace is an outcome of breaking the monotonous cult and keeping the employees engaged and well connected across the channel. However, in coming years many organizations will adhere to adoption of the corporate social intranet to empower their workforce. Here’s what this has to offer.

The intranet blogs:
Internal blogs do help in countless ways. It helps the workforce to learn about the know-hows of the organization and also they can share their experiences amongst their fellow colleagues.

The community profiles:
The employees of the organization enjoy sharing their experience or any important piece of information. This can be rightly done by developing a community, which can foster the experience and information sharing flow within the organization.

Intranet for mobiles:
Seeing the massive shift to mobile mediums, intranet websites can now be easily accessed on the mobile phones as well. This boosts the mobility and an employee is always sure about what’s going on in the organization.
The scope of having a social networking intranet application in Dubai is limitless. This not only helps in developing employee welfare but also gears the connectivity within the organization.

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