Modern Intranet Features Which Makes It Different From Old Intranet

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Social Intranet is not any more a company intranet portraying just one thing in a business. Today, it has turned into platform with an idea of accumulation of amazing other organizational tools and resources to give an productive outcome for the business. The Modern Social Intranet has discarded  the need of various softwares  to communicate, share reports and documents and contact representatives at remote areas of the globe.

With almost negligible expense and monitoring, the modern social intranet includes great advance features that weren’t there in the conventional intranet. So If your organization is planning to switch to new upgraded company intranet, guarantee it has the accompanying new-age highlights to capitalize on the product:

Project Sharing  and Management

The modern social intranet has the ability to oversee venture through social project management and sharing feature. Utilizing this, an organization can develop a secure online space over the social intranet and assign  to employees to manage distinctive phases of a project. Traditional  intranet didn’t have this element.


Employees can manage their assigned projects and work even without a laptop or desktop, with this new age intranet. With the help of  mobiles, employees can utilize the organization intranet and complete their project.

Learning Management System

An organization can develop e modules  to make workers notified about the new things related to organization and industry practices and upgrade their knowledge. This feature can be helpful for training and development of the new employee.

Online Request Forms

Rather than  working on paper-based structures for employees and collecting them individually from each employee, an  company can use E form feature of modern social intranet.

Wow Dashboard 

Modern social intranet isn’t only a great platform for coordination, But Also a platform with amazing design and easy dashboard with attracts employees to use it in their daily work.

there are great possibilities that your organization present intranet doesn’t have these features, therefore innovation is missing behind in your company. To remain ahead in rivalry and make employees more profitable, get all new social intranet from Web design Dubai and appreciate all the intriguing and valuable features.