Intranet Solutions For Alumni Dubai

Intranet Solutions For Alumni Dubai

Intranet for Alumni communities are largely designed for, colleges or departments of academies, but also be built for students that studied in a certain country. In the history, they were often considered to be the college’s or school’s old boy community. Now, Intranet for alumni connections include grads of all age associations and demographics.

Intranet for ex-employees

Intranet for ex-employees is to act as the data swapping between the department of the Organization and the Ex-employee. Ex-employee which is separated from the business. The advantages of allowing an Ex-employee to obtain the data related to his work assignment with the company can be helpful in various methods such as two-way value plan, personalized information, a knowledgeable, making the Ex-employees as representatives and marketers of the organization.

Custom Intranet

Custom Intranet is internal language sites that are essential shielded and completely protected. Their content is supported for company representatives only. Creative Social Intranet designs to develop and make use of intranets, empowering companies to create online identities, share sources, improve internal discussions, increase workflow and much more.