Intranet Homepage Best Practices Solutions Dubai

Intranet Homepage Best Practices Solutions Dubai

Whether you are executing a brand-new intranet or redesigning an old one, there are some conventional best practices to take into account while designing your new intranet home page. Many of our clients have designed home pages that employ and inspire their representatives, improving their use of the intranet and assuring they keep getting back for more.

Custom Employee Dashboard

Custom Employee Dashboard connect business data trapped in various backend operations, spreadsheets, and emails that span over your business into a consolidated experience, empowering representatives with the right data in the appropriate context on any design allowing them to make business-impacting choices.


Web apps in Liferay Portal are called portlets. Like many web apps, portlets prepare requests and create responses. In the answer, the portlet returns content (e.g. HTML, XHTML) for presentation in browsers. Portlets can be located on surfaces by users or portal managers, who can plant various several portlets on a particular page. For example, a page in a community site could have a program portlet for community events, a notifications portlet for major announcements, and a bookmarks portlet for sections of interest to the area.