Intranet Forms Solutions Dubai

Intranet Forms Solutions Dubai


Develop any amount of Online Forms with sharp logic like formula computation, conditional triggers, spreadsheets and database query fields. With our easy protection settings, you determine who can view, search for and announce on form submissions. Create special fields, toggled parts and even brand your forms.

Web Intranet

Web Intranet uses a mix of types, including “groupware” and collaboration. Small businesses that need an intranet but don’t have the funds or company to build one can use the inexpensive Web-based support that gives many of the same highlights. Those “immediate intranet” sites give your representatives a way to communicate with one another, access business reports, and stock files — both in the office or on the street.

Custom intranet forms

Custom Intranet is “in-house secret” websites that are safeguarded and fully guarded. Their content is supported for company representatives only. Creative Social Intranet plans to grow and create custom intranets, enabling businesses to form online identities, share references, develop in-house discussions, improve workflow and much more.

Social Intranet

Social intranet performs multiple tasks within a business—it’s a website, an information channel, and a collaboration stage. Good intranets make it simple for every employee to participate, not just a select less. The most powerful intranets help people run better mutually by connecting manageable content administration tools, great search skills, and pleasant collaboration features.