Intranet For Schools – Dubai

Intranet For Schools - Dubai

Intranets are especially useful to educational institutions that are geographically separated, such as sites at various campuses that share common educational aims and information needs. Schools are also particularly concerned about the safety and privacy of their data since it carries children’s personal information. Again, an intranet system can address these interests.

Staff Intranet Solutions

Each staff member will have the ability to upload and distribute data with colleagues whenever they want, from the administrator or head teacher down to part-time and supply teachers. Representatives will be able to share knowledge about projects on which they are currently working, supporting feedback and talk.


Powerful eLearning grants you the strength easily, and keep your employees notified and up-to-date on the newest policies and ideas. Our user-friendly Online Training Calendar yourself are ready to prompt design training programs, classes, and seminars, as well as record, run and reach on Registrations and Waitlists.

Intranet Website

Intranet website is designed using the same technologies used to create a public website on the Internet. There are two main differences. First, the content of an intranet section is focused on a limited group of people, typically the representatives and subcontractors of a business or organization.