Intranet For Employees Dubai

Intranet For Employees Dubai


Building a business-critical intranet that users will admire is the concept and purpose of every intranet administrator. Each and every intranet design will be unique depending on its persistence, user requirements, goals, and the training and unique challenges confronting the business. However, despite there being no ‘one area fits all’ gift, there are some basic foundations upon which every strong intranet should be developed.

Employee Intranet

Each intranet that needs to have huge selection speeds needs to build homepages where the content changes regularly. It should show learning that is not only appropriate to subjects being addressed over the business, but it also tailored to the individual.

Employee Dashboard

In the dashboard example, we can see a variety of key display signs for the HR department. An HR administrator can use this sort of dashboard to take recompense and representative metrics out of Excel spreadsheets and on an interactive scorecard. Key metrics like turnover, defection, payroll rules and gender ratio are taken together in a single view, which can be quickly modernized and given with key stakeholders.