Intranet Applications Solutions Dubai

Intranet Applications Solutions Dubai


Intranet applications produce a lightweight, simple to maintain and enhance choices for many of the legacy applications you may be operating in your office. Also provides, common office interface, employee demands, with proper security, to access all the data across the business.

Custom intranet applications

1) No additional expensive software or hardware requirements.
2) Runs on various OS environments.
3) Just needs a web browser to access (Mozilla, Opera, Netscape, IE )
also, a network server ( Apache, IIS) some are already own and in most circumstances, it is installed by default.
4) Do not require Internet access.
5) Corrections and subsistence are easy and immediate.
6) Constructed with extremely common development tools which means getting someone to maintain it for a long term and will not be hard and expensive.
7) Simple and swift to develop.
8) Standard network looks and feel.
9) Design and organization are deeply customizable.
10) Best for mobile development as it can be done accessible anywhere, anytime with the proper safety.

Web based intranet

Intranet services use a variety of names, including “Groupware” and “Teamware” Before you select a product, look at its feature set correctly; any device offers a slightly different package of assistance, and it’s necessary to conclude which one will best fit your requirements. Their feature set changes, but maximum include combination programs, a contact director, a report manager, active publishing, news boards, virtual discussion cabins, e-mail, and online data storage.