Improve Company Communication with Social Intranet

instant messaging workplace

While communication is the key for smooth working in every organization, not just top management need the best tool and but a effective measure validate that the message is sent properly to all employees. With the latest technological advancement of  social intranet, the conventional practices of announcement and corporate communications of an organization are being discarded. Subsequently, be it for spreading the workers about latest news, acquainting a newcomer with the organization, introducing the new organization  principals and guidelines, or invite the participation in  upcoming  celebrations or occasions, social intranet is substituted email, telephonic, or in-person notifications. Here are the advantages of utilizing online intranet for making instant messaging and communication at workplace:


Rather than pushing an employee to sit back for a meeting or for call with their supervisor, the supervisor can post instant message or comment on  task shared in the intranet itself. With the quick insights sharing to questions, the representative can complete the work fast and save his time for his next task. Also, with every employee gets informed about latest update on the issue,  thus management would not need to share the same information to every single employee individually.

Cost Effective

Social intranet integrates the  instant chat and message , telephone calls, video calls, and email into one software, in this manner decreasing the cost of a worker to contact their partner in another remote location. Also, with all information kept inside a shared platform, the cost of review by third party company also get reduced.

Open communication

While connecting  through traditional email  modes can make message get lost by not achieve email locations of a few representatives by any means, social intranet would expel this uncertainty through an open and clear correspondence way.

This is the means by which organizations can enhance the way they keep their representatives educated about the  recent improvements of the organization in a viable and smoother way. Web Design Dubai’s Social Intranet gives the latest features for managing effective and viable communication in your organization.