Government supports digitalization


Dubai government has understood the importance of digitalization and future of the same. Government has implemented many new services based on digital systems. They want to expand the exposure to digital world and make it part of regular issues. Digitalization is giving more benefits in terms of time and convenience.

Digitalization is booming in Dubai

Government has taken many initiative to use digital services in their own systems. Online tax paying is one of that systems. Many municipal services has also become easy to access and people are preferring now a days digital services because its ability to speak more than phone call or email. Government is also finding it easy to solve queries online. Many emergency services has been successful because of the ease of operating digital services. Data regarding the hotels, shops and tourist spots in Dubai has been uploaded on digital platforms to attract more tourists. Online marketing is key to government policies and systems they want to implement. This information is much more helpful for the companies starting their E-commerce portal.

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